Picture Orders


   We have a new way of doing our football and cheer photos this year. We have a independent photographer, Trish Caupp Photography who will be coming to your children's practices. We will be spending more time with each child than our past photographers may have. We have attached a price sheet for you to preview. Coaches will pass out the order forms the first week of practice. If your child will not be present the day of the photos you can take him/her to another teams practice. In the event it rains your coach will notify you of the new photo date. All pictures will be taken at Nagel Middle School. Please send your kid with the order forms the day of photos.You can pay cash, check or credit/debit card the day of the photos. Please make sure you have the order form filled out correctly. We want to make sure you get all your photos back in a timely fashion. Let me know if you have any questions!

July 25th-2nd Grade
July 26th-5th  Grade
 July 27th-3rd  Grade
August 1st- 1st Grade AND CHEER 
August 3rd- 6th Grade

Trish Caupp