Welcome to the Anderson Youth Football website.  This place is dedicated to the teaching of football skills and fundamentals.  Our driving philosophy is that every child who practices should play.  This principal was the founding idea behind our organization over 20 years ago by Brad Busacco and his wife Peggy Busacco.

NO BENCHWARMERS!  We were the first organization in this area with a minimum play rule.  At the first, second, third and fourth grade levels, all players 

who have attended practice regularly and demonstrated knowledge of their position will play a minimum of 8 plays per game.  (This is equivalent to one-quarter’s play on either offense or defense.) (On rare occasions, a player may be restricted from play for disciplinary or safety reasons.)   If these age levels go into Division or Championship games, the “8-play” rules changes to a “may-play” rule, with no set number of plays promised.  The fifth and sixth grade teams are more competitive.  There is no minimum playing time promised, but the coaches do try to get all their players into the games.  Roster size is capped on all teams for this reason.  All players play at Invitational games.

We believe in positive coaching techniques. Our coaching staff is experienced and attends coaching clinics every season.  Our goal is to teach proper technique, build team pride and self-esteem.  We do not sanction humiliating criticism of our players.  We treat our players with respect and we emphasize the discipline, but also the fun of playing youth football.

Each of our players receives a recognition at an end-of-season celebration, regardless of their win-loss record.  We believe in rewarding the hard work and dedication of our teams, not just the scores of the games.

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